Mentor Coordination Ministry Team

The Mentoring Coordination Ministry Team provides youth with an adult companion from outside their family in their faith formation.

Their purpose is

  • To provide a significant, non-parent adult role model for the youth of our congregation.
  • To show our youth that they are a vital part of the church.
  • To support our youth in their process of value and faith formation.

Expectations of Mentor Coordinators are:

  • To be aware of all youth entering the 7th grade.
  • To explain and discuss the mentoring program with these youth and their parents/guardians.
  • To inform the adults of the congregation about mentor opportunities and expectations.
  • To support mentors with ideas, events, consultation, and resource material.

Expectations of Mentors are:

  • To meet formally and informally with their mentee on a regular basis (suggested one time a month).
  • To offer the mentee a safe space in which to discuss the intersections of faith, life, and vocation.
  • To commit to the mentor/mentee arrangement for three years, with the possibility of continuing for another three years (until high school graduation.


  • Prior to entering the 7th grade, youth are invited to become involved in the mentoring program.
  • Once mentor-mentee arrangements are made, the relationship is affirmed during a Sunday morning worship service.
  • Youth and mentors are encouraged to commit to a relationship in which both youth and mentors will initiate contact to arrange for regular meetings, though mentors will likely initiate contact the first meeting.
  • Mentors and mentees commit to participation in church-sponsored mentor/mentee events.

A copy of the parental consent form for the mentoring relationship is available here.