Ministry Teams

We value our involvement as individuals and as a congregation in issues of importance to community at large. We structure ourselves in Ministry Teams. Each Ministry Team is placed in one, of what we call, The Core Ministries. The Core Ministries are Worship, Faith Formation, Congregational Care, Hospitality, and Community Action.

These teams are passion-driven. If you are passionate about it, we empower you to do it. As long as it fits within our mission and vision, use our name, invite people to it and thrive. Some Ministry Teams are more formal than others. Some are episodic. The point is that we want people to do ministry that feeds their passion. This is where the Spirit is most active and obvious. You do not have to be a member of the church to be on a ministry team. The only time you would ever have to ask permission for anything from the church is if you wanted to use the building or you needed financial resources. We want people to be involved in ministry. Go for it.

Shalom Soul Orchestra
Worship Ministry Teams (for more info, see Worship Committee)

Faith Formation
Adult Education Ministry Team
Junior High Youth Ministry Team
Mentor Coordination Ministry Team
Senior High Youth Ministry Team
Shalom Library Work Group Ministry Team

Congregational Care
Columbarium Planning Ministry Team
Health Care Ministry Team
Memorial Reception Ministry Team
Pastoral Care Support Ministry Team
Prayer Shawl Ministry Team
Shalom Peace Garden Ministry Team

Phone Communication Ministry Team
Web/Visual Identity Ministry Team
Welcoming Ministry Team

Community Action
Homeless Shelter Ministry Team
Mission & Service Ministry Team
Multicultural Growth Ministry Team
Newton Area Cancer Support Group Ministry Team
Quilting Joy Ministry Team
Refugee Support Ministry Team

As God’s spirit moves among us, ministry teams are constantly being considered and formed. Members and attenders interested in forming a ministry team are encouraged to print, fill out and submit this form, visit the members section to login and fill out an online form, or talk to one of the pastors.